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Audrey Ingibersdottir - Instructor

Audrey Ingibersdottir is a Yoga Teacher out of New England with roots in Iceland. She teaches from an experience of cultivated skill, education and intuition. You can expect her guidance to travel between a grounded maternal space, sprinkled with a solid pun floating around somewhere in practice for a soft smirk, a smile or if she's really on her game a chuckle or two. Her teachings offer space to come into a posture attentively and with focused power, rather than to speed in and out of postures as milestones in a race to the finish—you’ll receive no trophy’s or awards here, but the opportunity to evolve the study of your practice is endless. Audrey has studied and trained under Bjorn Turnquist, Jo Bell, Eddie Modestini, Lauren Lee, Marla Cinilia and Cyndie Lee and holds an E-200 RYT, YACEP and 500RYT. When she is not teaching yoga, Audrey is a professional wedding & family photographer; She also enjoys tending to her many plant babies, roaming through the forests and oceanside trails of New England, and (when possible) visiting her family & friends in Iceland.

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